Sharing owners

Shared ownership is a form of low-cost home ownership that combines renting with buying.

It’s aimed at people who would like to own their own home but can't fund all of it.

The purchaser owns a share of the home (usually 25, 50 or 75%) and pays a monthly rent on the remaining share to Wheatley Homes East.

After 12 months, there will be opportunity to purchase further 25% shares or the remainder of the property. The rent to us reduces as you increase your share of the property.

Find out more in our Shared Owners Handbook.


As a sharing owner with us, there’s a range of services we can provide to help support you.

Additional Services

  • Our handyperson service if you are over 60 years of age and/or disabled.
  • Fuel Advice from one of our Fuel Advisors.
  • Welfare Rights Information and advice from our dedicated Welfare Rights Team.
  • Access to 24 hour Customer First Centre to help with any enquiries.

Optional Services

Boiler and Central Heating Cover

As a Sharing Owners you are responsible for insuring your boiler or central heating system.

Lowther, also part of Wheatley Group, has negotiated a deal for boiler and central heating cover in partnership with Saltire, which you can access. You don't have to take this

cover - you can shop around for your own cover.

This fantastic deal offers gas boiler and central heating cover for only £14.59 per month. The cover includes:

  • unlimited call outs
  • repairs to boiler controls for central heating replacement boiler parts
  • an annual service
  • all parts and labour.

You can add plumbing, drains and electrical wiring to this cover for £20.99 a month. There's also a basic 'service only' cover for only £7.99 a month. Any repairs are charged on top of that cost.

Interested? Contact Saltire on 0330 202 0444 and mention Lowther when speaking to them.


If you are looking to upgrade your home, perhaps with a new kitchen or bathroom, upgrading your central heating or replacing windows and doors, our Investment Team can help.

They can offer competitive quotes and free estimates, through our in-house contracts team.

Interested? Contact Claire Dow:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a claim for buildings insurance?

Change to buildings insurance for Sharing Owners

Building insurance for sharing owners is provided by Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited.

For standard claims the stated excess on the policy is £500 however while we negotiate the excess with our insurer Wheatley Homes East will reimburse £400 to you which keeps the excess for you at £100.

Read a copy at buildings insurance policy.

Download a copy of the building insurance claims form.

Making a claim

Please return the claim form to Wheatley Homes East and we will forward this on to our insurers.  Payment of the additional excess will be made once our insurers confirm they have accepted liability for the claim.

How do I apply?

To apply, please download and complete our shared ownership application and guidance form and return to

Who can apply to be a sharing owner?

In general, applicants will be considered if they meet one or more of these criteria:

  • applicants should have independent means to allow them to pay the occupancy charge without immediate recourse to Housing Benefit
  • applicants should normally be economically active
  • applicants should have a gross household income of £21,000 minimum, with a maximum of £40,000 per year
  • applicants without regular income, but who have access to capital funds, may still be considered
  • particular consideration will be given to ex-service personnel and their families.
  • current tenants of either a local authority or housing association within the Lothians or are on the waiting list for housing
  • household has a local connection, either through work, family or cultural networks
  • living in private rented housing
  • living with family, friends or relatives
  • lacking security of tenure in their current home.

How much will it cost?

As with any house purchase, there are initial charges which can include legal fees to solicitors and costs relating to obtaining a mortgage. These are payable upon the initial purchase, but also if you decide to purchase further share(s).

Could I own the property outright?

Once a year you will have the option to buy a 25% share(s) up to 100% ownership - although there is no obligation to do so.

For example, you buy 25 per cent initially, then the next year you can buy 75%, which means you'll own the property. This is called staircasing.

Contact us

Our Customer First Centre should be your day to day contact for any issues you have, including selling and tranche up enquiries. Call 0800 561 0088 or complete our online form.

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