Dunedin Harbour hostel

Dunedin Harbour hostel offers residents a pathway out of homelessness.

When service users arrive at Dunedin Harbour they will be given a key worker who will offer support at every step.

This includes help with addiction issues, mental health, finding work and support to find a permanent home. We offer residents a range of activities, including gym groups, football sessions, cooking classes and alternative therapy sessions.

Service users create a specialised support plan which is monitored and reviewed regularly. Staff also signpost service users to external agencies depending on their individual need.

    Moving on from Dunedin Harbour

    The next steps:

    Service users have three options when they feel ready to move on:

    Supported flats: Our hostel has six self-contained supported flats at the back for single people or couples. The flats allows residents to receive support from hostel staff while living more independently. The supported flats are designed to help people make the transition from living in the Harbour to getting their own home.

    Resettlement flats: Service users who want to move into their own home but feel they need a little more time can use one of our resettlement flats in Edinburgh. A dedicated resettlement worker is available to offer additional support. When residents feel ready, they can apply for a permanent tenancy.

    Permanent tenancy: Dunedin Harbour has a nomination arrangement which allows direct access into Wheatley Homes East mainstream tenancies should a service user's stay in the resettlement flats prove successful.

      How to apply for Dunedin Harbour

      Referrals to Dunedin Harbour are made through the homeless team at City of Edinburgh Council.

      The council identifies people who need supported accommodation. You can ask to be moved to Dunedin Harbour, but it depends on availability.

      Contact details for Dunedin Harbour