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How do I apply for a home with Wheatley Homes East?

Check out our 'Find a home' section which lets you know about how to apply.

What should I do before taking in a lodger?

You must complete a lodger application form.

You mustn't take in a lodger before you get written permission from us. We would also need to see a copy of any Occupancy Agreement for the lodger.

If you are married, co-habiting or have a joint tenancy, then we also require the consent of the other person.

How long can I have a lodger for?

You can have a lodger indefinitely, but if you terminate your tenancy your lodger must also leave at the same time.

How much rent can I charge a lodger?

This should be agreed between you and the lodger. We wouldn't get involved in what rent you charge your lodger.

When would you not give me permission for a lodger?

We would not give permission if it meant your home became overcrowded.

What responsibility do I have if I take in a lodger?

You would be responsible for your lodger’s behaviour. Your tenancy could be at risk if you do not deal with any complaints about your lodger’s behaviour.

If you are in receipt of housing benefit, you should inform your local housing benefit office that you have taken in a lodger. You should inform the council that someone else is living at your property.

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange means swapping your home with another tenant from a housing association, housing co-op or local council.

You must not move home until you have permission in writing to go ahead with the exchange from Wheatley Homes East and the other housing owner and you have signed the Tenancy Agreement for your new home.

How do I arrange a mutual exchange?

We are registered with two exchange providers who help tenants find someone to swap with. Register for free with:

Depending on which area, you can also apply for a mutual exchange through our new housing information, advice and letting service, MyHousing.

I've found someone to swap with. What do I do next?

Both parties must complete an Application To Exchange form and send to us for approval. The person you are exchanging with should also get exchange forms from their landlord which should be completed and returned.

I've filled in my mutual exchange forms, what should I do next?

We will make an appointment to visit you and the person you are exchanging with at home. We will also ask for references from the landlord of the person you are exchanging with.

When can I complete my mutual exchange?

If we approve your application, you and the person you are exchanging with will be informed in writing. We will confirm an agreed moving date.

Your new landlord will also write to you confirming approval and an agreed moving date.

If you move without our approval, the exchange will be cancelled and you will need to move back to your old address.

Can you refuse my mutual exchange?

We wouldn't unreasonably refuse a mutual exchange. You and the person you are exchanging with must have clear rent accounts, have no outstanding repairs or legal costs and conducted your tenancies in a satisfactory manner.

We will not allow an exchange if it leads to the property being under or over-occupied.

Can I sub-let my home?

Yes, but you must get in touch with us first. You must fill in a Sub-let application form and return it to us.

How long can I sub-let my property?

You can sub-let your property for up to one year. In exceptional circumstances, we may allow for a further six months. You cannot sub-let for longer than 18 months.

Who can move into my sub-let property?

It is your responsibility to find someone to sub-let your property to. We must approve any tenant and make sure the property is adequate for your sub-tenant. We will not allow the property to be overcrowded.

Who pays the rent on my sub-let property?

As the tenant, you are responsible for rent payments. If you are in receipt of housing benefit you must inform your local housing benefit office.

How much rent can I charge for my sub-let property?

We will not allow you to charge any more than 20% above the monthly rental charge. The additional 20% is to cover items such as furnishings and insurance.

You must inform the Council Tax Office that you are not living in the property and provide details of the person you have sub-let to.

Can I transfer my tenancy to the sub-let tenant in the future?

No. If you are not returning to the property you would have to terminate your tenancy. The sub-let tenant can apply to us for housing, but we are not obliged to re-house them.

What extra responsibilities do I have by sub-letting my home?

You become the landlord for your sub-let tenant. You are responsible for dealing with any complaints about your tenant.

How do I report a repair?

Report repairs on My Wheatley Homes East. Don't have an account yet? Sign up for My Wheatley Homes East. It's safe and secure, and it only takes a few minutes. You can also call us on 0800 561 0088.

Do I need to carry out some repairs?

Yes. It’s up to you to do small repairs around the home, including replacing:

  • plugs
  • toilet seats
  • cooker filters
  • lost keys
  • smoke alarm batteries.

When will my repair be carried out?

It depends on the repair. When you report your repair we'll let you know of the timescales for the work to be carried out.

When is my rent due?

Your rent is due to be paid on the 1st of each month and is paid in advance. If you decide to pay your rent weekly or fortnightly you must pay so that by the 1st of the month the full rent is paid.

Our rent calendar shows you when rent is due.

I am struggling to pay my rent. What do I do?

Speak to your housing officer as soon as you can. Your housing officer has a range of support services to get you back on track.

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent online, by direct debit or over the phone.

Can I speak to my housing officer?

When you call us on 0800 561 0088 our staff will do their best to help and answer any questions. If you still wish to speak to your housing officer then we can arrange for a call back.

Can Wheatley Homes East uplift furniture and bulk items?

It is the responsibility of tenants to safely and securely dispose of bulk items. You can contact your local council who will arrange for a pick up for a fee.

How do I report anti-social behaviour?

Check out our 'Reporting anti-social behaviour' section for details.

How do I get a key for a bike shed, bin store or communal area?

Request a key using our online form or call us on 0800 561 0088. We might need to order keys so this could take up to 14 working days. Tenants will need to pay for the keys.

I've lost my keys. What do I do?

We don't keep copies of keys. It is the responsibility of a tenant to arrange and pay for a locksmith to change the locks.

If you have home content insurance this may be covered by your insurer.

If you lose any keys for communal areas, you can order replacements with us at a cost. You can contact us using our our online form, by speaking to your housing officer or calling us.

Can I make major alterations to my home?

You must get approval before making any changes. Get in touch with us as soon as possible using our online form.

You can also speak to your housing officer or call us.

Can I fit a satellite dish to my home?

In general, we do not allow individual satellite dishes to be fitted to a property. The fixings which attach the dishes can potentially damage the buildings.

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